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Want to collaborate!? 
        I would love to style your products, do giveaways, and do reviews for you! I will do a detailed post on your product and how I am wearing and liking your product paired with pictures of me styling your product along with a link back to your website and product.  I require that all opinions stay my own.  I want to be honest and real with my readers.  

Here are some collaborations I have done:
Love Letter Clothing - My Wonderful Perfect eShakti Dress - Love Letters - My Guntina Dress - The Photographer Print - The Shop Apricity Valentine - Give The Twirl A Whirl - Bonjour! - Leafling - Wednesday Addams - Sharing Is Caring - Playing In Pink - London Breeze - Sharp As A Cactus - 19 In London - Pink Is My Thing - While In Bath - Leafling Giveaway - Minnie and Me - The Green Isle - Abandoned Ireland - A Timely Piece JORD Giveaway - Can I Go Back Already? - A Shop Apricity Perfect Fit - Handmade Linen - I Got My Eye On You - Suspenders and Skirts - HerStyler For Easy Hair - Prepare For The Holidays With JORD - Love Note To Clean Enhanced Organics - Vendula LondonHoney & Thistle BoutiqueNatureWorks CandlesWhitening Sensitive Teeth At Home with Smile BrilliantColorful Collar with Magnus Co.Sweetheart In Mind with AmourDress

To contact me with your offers, ideas, or even ads you may email me at:
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