Olive Green or Poo?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

This dress has quite the story with it.  I'm out one day with my mom and best friend, and we are of course at the local Marshals (I mean where else would we be, right?).
 After we walked the several isles, gathered too many clothes, and picked up things we knew we wouldn't get we went to the dressing rooms.  It's a cycle as most of you gals know.  You try on an item, open the door, look at each others item they have tried on, and you tell either tell them you love  it and that they need to get it or that you hate it and they need to go put it back, ha!  Well, this was one of those dresses that when I picked it up I knew I would love it and I would get it.  I LOVED the olive green color... Well, fast forward to the part in the dressing room where I try this dress.  I look in the mirror, I love it, I open the door, they look at at me, and they tell me it looks like poop.  I defended the color as best as I could but apparently olive green dances on a line very similar to poop.  BUT as you can tell that didn't stop me from getting it- I mean come on people where brown all the time, and you don't hear people telling them that their clothing looks like poo!
So here I am strutting in my OLIVE GREEN (to some- poo) dress, and I love it!
What colors do you like to wear in autumn?

Marshals dress - Jacket (I embroidered it) - White Mountain Shoes - American Eagle belt
Pictures by me

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