Fall Air and Autumn Sweaters

Monday, October 29, 2018

Something I fall in love with every autumn is how crisp the air gets and how big cozy sweaters make you feel like you're receiving a big hug.
 Every single day I find any excuse to wear one.  I get as many as I can so I make sure I have one that will go with every outfit.  And I even find myself wearing the same outfits over and over agin in the fall.  I put something on, it works, and since it's so cozy and fashionable all at the same time I want to wear it all the time (plus it's easy, and it's a lazy kinda season).  
I always find in this season that I prefer to be a hermit- whether in my own home or in a coffee shop.  I mean who doesn't want to cuddle up in the comfort of their own home with a warm mug in their hands looking out the window with a hallmark movie or halloween movie on?!
What's an addiction of yours in the fall? Mine is OBVIOUSLY sweaters!

Marshalls Sweater - Dress ( I got it from a little boutique in a little town) - White Mountain Boots 
Pictures by me

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