JORD Watch Giveaway: Gift Giving Is My Love Language

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gift giving has always been a love language of mine.  I love the meaningfulness there can be behind a gift, personalizing it to that person, getting myself excited before I even give it to them, and of course watching them open it! I just LOVE it!
 I try not to go overboard though, and I try to get them something that not only will mean a lot but will also be useful and not collect dust.  
As Christmas is quickly coming upon us as the morning air becomes crisp and decorations begin filling the store- head over to the JORD Watch website! They have nothing but timeless pieces, and they have one for everyone.  On top of that you can get the watch and box engraved- whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else.  
Anyone that knows me knows that my mom is my best friend.  She makes me laugh, she encourages me, she pushes me to be my best self, and I couldn't thank God more for the mother he blessed me with.  
Well, when JORD reached out to do another collaboration I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO DO!  I have two other JORD watches, and my mom is always trying them and admiring them so I wanted to get this one for her.  I had her "help me pick one out" for the collaboration. I sent them what I wanted engraved, and when it came I literally could NOT wait to give it to her.
SO I DIDN'T, HA!  She was out on the porch, I went out, handed her the watch, asked her if she liked the new watch, and she thought nothing of it as she tried it on.  Then I told her to look under the face of the watch (where the engraving is), and she was SHOCKED!  She loved it of course! I borrowed it to take my blog pictures, and now she is happily wearing her very own JORD watch! 

Pictures by me

Wooden Wrist Watch

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