Love, Acceptance, & Confidence

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

We live in a day in age where we can look in a mirror and feel ashamed, disgusted, sick, and unmotivated... But we also live an age where we can look in the mirror, and say NO to those things.  NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE A WOMAN CAN FEEL ALL OF THOSE THINGS!
You can be a size 2 or a size 22 and not love the way you look, and that is so sad.  Every woman is beautiful no matter the dress size she wears, no matter how soft her tummy is, no matter if her things touch, no matter how many stretch marks she has, no matter if her stomach isn't flat, no matter ANYTHING, because everything about every woman is beautiful.
Let's be honest though...
It can be so much easier saying these things that it is putting it into practice while we look at ourselves and at others.
So how do I?
Three steps:

FIRST step is LOVE!
Love yourself! Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself you love the things about your body that you never thought you could.  Love the way you look, love what you put on your body, and love the way you look with it on your body.  AND NO- it's not selfish or conceited to do this.  Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin.  The media has tried to tell us what beautiful woman look like- while excluding 95% of other woman body types.  So go ahead! Tell yourself how beautiful you are, and fall in love with the skin you are living in!

Once you love yourself you can accept yourself AND others! Remember that we do not look a like, and so accept yourself and the women around you for who you are and who they are- inside and out!   Not only are we each different on the outside, but we are different on the inside as well.  And let's be honest- woman can be feisty.   It can be so easy to build up walls before we have even had a real conversation.  Remember that there is no piece in a puzzle that looks the same, but they all work together to make something whole and beautiful.  We are each different, and we need to WORK TOGETHER to get over our differences and accept one another to create something beautiful.  

That's right! Now that you love yourself and accept yourself- BE CONFIDENT!
NO ONE can be a better you than you! If you try being someone else AT BEST you will ONLY come in at second place, because that person is already being #1 at being them.  So if you only come in at second place being someone else, why not come in first place being you.  Because NO ONE BUT YOU CAN BE A BETTER YOU! Love who you are on the outside AND inside, and don't be afraid to be you! You are a piece to the puzzle that we are all working together to make, so WEAR THAT DRESS, WEAR THAT BATHING SUIT, WEAR THOSE BRIGHT PANTS, WEAR THE RUFFLES, WEAR WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT TO WEAR, BECAUSE YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

As a Christian woman I know that I have value, because of what Jesus Christ does, and if I try being anyone but me then I'm not trusting in Him.
Love you all!

Bathing Suit - Sunglasses - Red Clover Dress
Pictures by My Mom

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