Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Those last minute GOLDEN finds can be the absolute best! I always recommend to check the clearance even if you don't think you'll find anything.

 I checked the clearance rack at Target before I tried my other things on (which can be daunting- the racks were never ending), and this is one of the things I found and it ended up being my #1 find!!!
My piece of shopping/clothing advice that I ALWAYS use is, "Just try it on!"
It's so easy to look at something and say, "Nah." but how do you know until you try it on! It's the same when you think you look at something and thinks it perfect, and then try it on and it does NOT look good.  Somethings look better on a hanger while others look better on a body.  Don't be afraid to branch out with your fashion choices!

Target Dress - Keds
Pictures by Me

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