Expanding My Horizons

Thursday, August 30, 2018

On this vacation I expanded my horizons, and I actually began to like the beach again! I haven't liked the beach in a long time.
 The sand, the sunscreen, the hot sun, the salt water, the sunburn... None of it mixes well with me, but for the first time in a long I enjoyed laying down on the beach, getting some sun (First time I haven't burnt to a crisp!), and letting the sand get on me... I loved getting to wear all my favorite Eva Trend pieces there as well!  This dress and the shirt I wore in my last blog post are PERFECT fall transition pieces.  They look and feel great to wear in the last month of summer, and will be great to wear as the leaves begin changing and I will be found drinking my PSL!  I absolutely LOVE the print of this dress, and the material is perfect!  Go to my last blog post to enter my Eva Trends Giveaway!
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