Fighting The Lies

Monday, July 2, 2018

In today's age we have celebrities, media, and so many people with a big voice shoving standards down our throats.
 They tell young woman what we should wear, what we shouldn't wear, what music we should listen to, what we should watch, what we should look for in relationships, what kind of standards we need to hold for men in our lives, and so and so on... Unfortunately, so much of the things that are being told to us aren't true and aren't Christ-like.  The media is doing its best to drag us down by proclaiming lies, and we need to fight against it.  I want to share some truths with all of you women to help fight against the lies that are fed to us daily.
Love yourself the way you are right now!  Size 00 models are flashed in ads that we see everyday, so many clothes are made for tiny waists and small thighs, and standards are set for us that don't need to be set, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE! Love the curves on your body, the roundness of your hips, and every other part of your body you have been scared to accept!  The day you begin loving the way you look is the day you will never frown again when you look in a mirror.
Have high standards for the men you date! Date a man that will lead you to Christ instead of the bedroom.  Don't change yourself for someone, don't lower your standards, don't settle, and don't sacrifice your relationship with Christ for a man that will drag you down, because God made someone specifically for you and your heart.  Someone that will love every part of you despite the flaws in you that make you YOU! And until the day God brings him to you He is simply molding and preparing both of your hearts for one another.
Know who you are.  Whether you are in high school, college or the work force we enter environments that sometimes makes us feel like we have to be something different, but that is a LIE. Treasure the difference you are, because God is going to use that difference to carry out His plans daily.  Let your differences be a light and advantage instead of an embarrassment and disadvantage.  The day you embrace the differences in you that make you YOU is the day you finally let God use you for His will. 
Never stop pursuing a relationship with Christ is the biggest thing.  Never stop.  He provides.  He loves you.  He has a plan for you.  He has a purpose for you.  Hand it all over to Him, and live boldly because of who you are in Christ!
The lies will never end- if anything they will only get worse, but what CAN change is the way you respond to those lies.  It your decision to believe them or to choose to believe the truths God gives us.
Love you all!

Modcloth Dress - Talbots Shoes via Thred Up - Lionel Handbag via FabFitFun
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