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Friday, June 1, 2018

We all have those things in our closet that we practically grab without even thinking about it.  It's what some might say is a part of your signature look!
Well, I am gonna share what I think is part of my own signature look - those things I grab without thinking about:P
1) What's an outfit of mine without a head scarf!?  I wear them ALL the time!  Right now I am trying to grow my bangs out, and they have been at an agonizing length.  So an easy and stylish way for me to mask them is to throw a scarf on and walk.  It's gotten literally to the point that I just don't think about it anymore!  My collection is a bit out of hand too if I may say so, haha!
2) Old style (flat, please!) shoes!  I love an old looking shoe whether it be a penny loafer like here where I can channel my inner Nancy Drew, a good pair of oxfords that I can wear with anything, or even a block heal if I must wear heals!  
3) A brown crossbody for the win!  I have noticed that I am drawn to brown crossbody bags... like a lot!  They go with everything, they are so easy, and I can typically carry everything I need in them.  While I like overdressing and wearing something different all the time I like to keep my purse simple.  It's a nice balance for a bold color or print.
4) And of course this isn't a surprise- dresses!  I wear dresses ALL the time!  They are comfy, cute, classy, and are so versatile!  I don't think I will ever lose my love for a beautiful dress- at least I hope I don't.  
What is your signature thing?!

Thred Up Dress - Old navy Head Scarf - Lionel Hand Bag via FabFitFun - Thred Up Shoes
Pictures - Me

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