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Friday, June 1, 2018

It's my Birthday on June 12th, and I want to share the love!
A month ago I took the plunge, and decided to subscribe to the lady version of Dollar Shave Club, My Billie.  AND I COULDN'T BE ANY MORE PLEASED WITH THE COMPANY!  Hear are the details ladies!
1) You go onto the website, My Billie,
2) Start the sign up process by picking which color razor you want (it's hard to choose! they are all so cute!).
3) Then you let them know how often you shave.
4) Decide if you want any of their extras (shaving cream, shower gel, body lotion.  AND it's all paraben free, toxin free, cruelty free, and vegan!).
5) Then pay!  It's only $9 a month.
You don't have to pay $9 every month! Let's say you only shave a few times a week then you'll get a box of four cartridges every other month instead of every month. AND maybe you only shave once a week- then you'll only have to pay for four cartridges every six months!  And you are never locked in either!  You can skip a month or cancel at any time.  
This is by far my favorite and most used subscription.
So for the giveaway I will gift you a six month subscription!  Your first box will come with a razor and two cartridges. Then you'll get two more boxes (so you'll get a box every other month) with four cartridges in each of them.  So what are you doing!? Celebrate my birthday with me by entering on here, on my Instagram, and go watch my Youtube video of My Billie!

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