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Monday, June 4, 2018

I am not much of a "pant wearer"... Is that even a word, haha!? But, you get my point- I don't wear pants that often, and when I do they are usually my yoga pants.

I think pants are awfully uncomfortable and simply a nuisance.  So when I find a pair that I actually like I consider them a gem!  These pants happen to be one of those gems.  I found them at Marshalls, but the brand is Calvin Klein.  May I just say- Calvin knows how to make a fine pair of pants.  These are so comfy, I love the color, and they are stylish (unlike the numerous black yoga pants that lay on my bedroom floor).  
And don't even get me started on this top!  Found it at Marshalls as well (what don't I find at Marshalls, haha!?), and I absolutely love it!  The brand is Beach Lounge, and over the past year I have discovered a few of their pieces and have loved every one of them! Marshalls is not only a great place to find quality pieces at a great price, but I love how it can expose so many brands that I haven't seen before!  
Now... Let's get real... Do I not look like I am about to hop on a plane and take flight around the world on an expedition? 

Beach Lounge Top - Aeri Tank - Calvin Klein Pants - Thred Up Shoes
Pictures by Me

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