20 Years & Counting

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy Birthday to me! 20 years ago I came into this world, and I feel so incredibly blessed by the love of family and friends God has given me.

This year has been full of change, but every change has pushed me further in my relationship with God.  As hard as some change can be you can allow it to change in either two ways- let it pull you down or let it shape you into an even more beautiful and Christ-like person.  Change is something not many of us are fond of, but change is what carries us into the ever changing seasons through out our lives.  Change is what morphs our souls.  Change is what makes us more compassionate, caring, and loving people. Change is how God challenges our faith, pushes us beyond what we can imagine, and how He shows us bolder and stronger sides of our ourselves that we didn't know existed.
When change is taking it's course through your life - don't let it ruin you.  Let it radiate renewal in you.  Here's to another year of change, challenges, and growth!
Love you all! 

Unique Vintage Dress - Thred Up Shoes
Pictures by Me

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