The Lace Chase

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lace has always been a favorite statement piece for me, because of its timeless feel and vintage vibe.
I am not one for a lot of accessories, so I love to wear something is a statement within itself that doesn't need bells and whistles!  Just like the last dress I wore (My Pink Spring) Eva Trends does it again with a beautiful dress I can't help but admire.  Isn't this dress a beauty!  This dress radiates nature and natural beauty- on its own it shines and brings warmth... 
Too cheesy? I thought so too but it's so true!  This dress is also ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE with a belt on the waist!  It fans out beautifully, and it looks darling.  This is one of my top recommended products from Eva Trends! GO ORDER ONE! They even have it in a couple colors AND get 10% off with my code: CH10.  
This dress is perfect for a summer date, a trip to the farmers market,  a walk in Central Park, days at the summer fair, a family get together in the backyard... Literally this dress may look like a date piece or even wedding attire, but it IS PERFECT FOR EVERYTHING!
Leave a comment letting me know what you are going to order!

Eva Trends Dress - Rocket Dog Shoes via Thred Up - Purse from Thred Up
Pictures by Me

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