Patchology Facial Mask Review

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Today I want to share a brand with you that I have fallen in love with!  
I reached out to Patchology to do a collaboration, because not only had I heard this was one of the BEST skincare brands out there I also wanted to share my first experience with them with all of you!  
The question is, "Is Patchology all they are hyped up to be?"... Yes!  As you all may know I am a face mask junkie, and these have become my new favorite!  My personal favorites are the FlashPatches, the Hydrate FlashMasque, and the SmartMud No Mess MudMasque.  I love the FlashPatches, because they are SO easy to use, they aren't messy, they aren't runny, they stay in place, they made the skin around my eyes look SO much better, and my lips felt incredibly soft from them!  This past winter was by far the worst year for my skin.  IT WAS SO DRY, and so I very excited to use the Hydrate FlashMasque and it did WONDERS for my skin just after ONE use!  I love me some mud masks, but they can be so messy if you aren't immediately getting a shower afterwards.  So I never use them in the morning!  Their SmartMud No Mess MudMasque solved that problem!  They put all the qualities of a mud mask into a sheet mask, but without the mess!
Their masks overall are the best I have ever used.  They don't slip and slide off my face, and they aren't drenched with liquid that runs down my neck.  LOVE PATCHOLOGY!
You can watch my YouTube Video down below about Patchology!

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