My First Year of College

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

One year ago I graduated high school, and this past month I finished my first year of college!  It's crazy how fast it has gone already!
I started the year out majoring in Business Management, and ended up changing to Interpersonal Communication.  I didn't think I was going to be one of the ones that changed, but I surprised myself, haha!  I'm so happy I did though!  I am finally majoring in something that I enjoy, something I know God wants me to be in, and something I know I will be able to use for God once I am done!  
College is a whole different world.  There are professors that try to brainwash and shove down what they believe in the throats of young students, but then there are a handful that actually care and respect each of their students (thank goodness!).   College certainly isn't my favorite thing right now I am trying to enjoy every moment, soak it all in while I can, and look forward to the things God has in store for me. And that is what my advice is to every student out there.  Soak in the moments, but stay rooted in who you are!  If you grow and change during the years you attend college let God be the one to do the transformation in you instead of the college.
And don't get me wrong- I am not saying college I this evil place that wants to turn us all into their minions, however it can be so easy to walk in unrooted and to let the air change the way we grow.
Be intentional!

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  1. Loved hearing your thoughts on your first year of college and couldn’t agree more! I felt this same way when I was there:) Also, I couldn’t help be excited about your new major because I will be teaching a class called “Interpersonal Communication” in the fall and it’s one of my favorites!


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