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Monday, May 28, 2018

I am an old soul.  Completely! My family and friends all say so, and my best friend even calls me a grandma. 

I don't just express it in my old prints, long dresses, and head scarves, either!  I listen to oldies such as Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Doris Day, George Gershwin, and so on.  The sounds of old music just captures me by the imagination and takes my heart away.  The stories that were told in their music was always so real.  Billy Joel will always be my favorite though.  A dear friend introduced me to his music, and each of his songs are a different kind of beautiful.  A kind of beautiful we all can relate to.
I love old movies and tv shows as well!  I love ANYTHING with Angela Lansbury, Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Dick Van Dyke!  Something about each of them just screams class, elegance, admiration, and yet all bring humor to what they do!
I even have "old beliefs."  While I associate my beliefs with my Christian faith-  lots of people just consider them old fashioned.  I believe in modesty, I've never said a bad word, and I believe in staying sexually pure for marriage.  Those beliefs sure aren't popular in todays age, and I don't shame people who believe differently.  I just do everything and believe everything I believe in confidence through my Savior Jesus Christ.  
You will encounter people everyday who believe differently than you (heck, I may be one of them!), but no matter what you just have to respect everyone's opinion.  Respect and love them for who they are instead of pushing them away, because that is the only way you will begin to be the change in the world.
Love you all!
By the way- what kind of music do you prefer!?
Would you consider yourself a granny?

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