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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hi ladies! I hope your day has been lovely! Popping on here to share this LOVELY dress with you!
This dress is one of those perfect pieces for anytime of the year- it's light and airy yet layers well! Plus the colors can be easily incorporated with several other colors (easy accessorizing!). I either like to wear something simple with CUTE accessories or wear something out of the water and then play it low with the accessories.  However this dress kind of met in the middle! I loved how simple the colors were, but the. stripes gave it that special something.  So I played cool/halfway with the fun hat and heels, BUT kept the colors black.  You never want to go over the top with everything, however the saying "Less is more," isn't always the case either.  It's simply a matter of meeting in the middle, and making the outfit standout without being too flashy and obnoxious.  It's a matter of choice while looking at your outfit, and thinking, "Where is this outfit on the eccentric scale?... Does the outfit speak loudly on it's own?... What does this outfit need or not need to let it speak clearly and boldly without screaming?"  Ask yourself these questions as your styling your outfits; they always help me!
Have a lovely day! AND don't forget to find your own special piece from Eva Trends with my discount code, CH15.

Eva Trends Dress - Old Shoes - Old Hat
Pictures by Alan Hicks Photography - Edited by Me

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