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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Can all my coffee and tea lovers raise their hands?  If you follow along with me on Instagram you will often find me at the local coffee shop drinking all my favorite tea's, treating myself to their baked goods, and taking pictures while taking in all their retro vibes.
 The Daily Grind is what some may consider a second home to me.  It's one of those coffee shops that bring a community together, that is routine yet different everyday, and that has so much life to it.  There isn't one thing there not to love.  I think we all have a place like that in our own hometowns.  This place has so much authenticity to its vintage and retro vibes.  Over the years different bakery's and coffee shops have been here, but The Daily Grind has been here since 1995...  Well, I thought I would compile some of favorite pictures I have taken there, and share them here on the blog here with you! Comment your favorite tea and treat combination along with your favorite place to get it! 

Pictures by me

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