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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Who is ready for Valentine's Day? For some this is a happy day and for others it's just a reminder that you are still single.  Either way you have a reason to spoil yourself and have fun.
 That can mean sitting at home, eating a ton of ice cream and chocolate (no shame!), and watching reruns of all the best Valentine's Day Hallmark movies. Or you could be eating out with your man doing something sweet and romantic.  Either way it's a day meant for a cute dress and dolling yourself up!
Looking for a dress that says "lovely" without being over the board Valentines Day Themed so that you can wear it the other 364 days of the year?  Well, I have a dress for you!! This lovely dress is from AmorDress, and I couldn't love it any more!  It has a lovely color, however if this color doesn't scream your name then but you still love the dress then you can get it in another color!  I have loved her dresses since I first ever got on Etsy.  Everything is so unique and classy.  Oh, and did I say versatile!?  You could wear this and her other dresses so many ways!  This would make a lovely Easter dress, one you could wear on a first date, or even just a girls night out!  Go find one for you too!
No matter what you do on Valentine's Day don't forget to love yourself for who you are.  Don't change yourself for someone else.  Be happy(:

Dress- Old Shoes- Express Jean Jacket- Hannah Everly head scarf
Pictures by Alan Hicks Photography- Edited by Me

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