Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! Sure this may be day made by the candy and card companies, but I'm okay with that.
 I love the excuse to eat chocolate, to watch romantic movies, and to wear pink and red all day every day for a month! I ordered this darling dress in January on sale. Along with all the other great things about this day one of the best things is when all the Valentine's Day apparel goes on sale!  Stock up on all the best pink and red things in your favorite shops!  Speaking of which- you can get this dress for $16 on ASOS now!
I wear red and pink all year long, so while for others it makes no sense to by all things "lovey dovey," I see it as an opportunity, ha!  An opportunity to stock up for the year.  

Red ASOS Dress- Old Shoes- Zara Head Scarf
Pictures by Alan Hicks Photography- Edited by Me

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