Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

Monday, December 18, 2017

I love a good cup of tea.  Any time of the day, no matter the temperature, and no matter where I am, I will drink a cup of tea.  Typically a whole pot!  Why not, right!?

I probably have three-seven cups a day (depending on how stressed I am), but my teeth suffer from it.  I have tried to keep them as white as possible in the past, but it's so difficult 1) because, I love me some tea, and 2) none of the whitening strips I have tried worked for me.  Even if they showed hopes of working my sensitive teeth would ache for DAYS, and sometimes even weeks!  So I stopped using whitening strips and just brushed really hard two-three times a day.  I think we all know that doesn't quite do the trick to get white teeth though.  When Smile Brilliant reached out I was thrilled to try them out!  Not only does it WORK better than anything I have ever tried, but they had a special desensitizing gel for those with sensitive teeth (ME!!!!)!  I am honestly beyond thrilled with the results!  I could tell after the very first session, which I kept in for an hour, and it was amazing!  It was so easy to do too (big plus since I am SO busy, agh!).  I would wear my custom trays while doing homework, writing blog content, watching movies... So easy! 
Drumroll, please! *ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum!*
Who wants a FREE kit!?
Well, it's one of my readers lucky day, because I will be doing a giveaway here with Smile Brilliant! and for the rest of you I have a special discount code for you as well! This is my discount code for each of you to get $15 off your set of custom trays: confidencecori15.
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This great anyone to use, and I am so happy to be sharing it with you, ladies!



Sponsored by Smile Brilliant
Pictures by me and Mike Hicks- Edited by me

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