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Friday, September 1, 2017

I love to have my hair look all fancy and curly, but do you know what I love more? An easy way have fancy and curly hair, duh!  I truly do love to curl my hair, but I have done it less and less in the past year.
 I don't always have the time or I hit the snooze button five more times than I should have.  So when I got the chance to work with HerStyler I was beyond excited!  They offered me some sort of hair tool/accessory, so I scrolled and scrolled through their options and when I got to the 360 SpinStyler I KNEW it was perfect.  The moment my box arrived I opened it and was excited to find that not only did they send me my 360 SpinStyler but also their Argan Serum.  Another reason I haven't curled my hair as much as I used to is because of my split and fried ends.  The serum has done an amazing job protecting and even repairing my split end problems in just the past weeks that I have been using it.  I have tried several serums and gels and conditioners and treatments- the list goes on and on- on my hair to simply find out the hard way that they don't work.  The HerStyler Argan Serum like I said has done wonders on my hair.  I use it in my hair after I shower, and I particularly work it and massage it into the ends where the damage is.  I then blow-dry it until my hair is completely dry, and use the 360 SpinStyler!  I literally curled my hair in under 10 minutes, and when I was done I used one more pump of the serum and ran it through my hair! Voila!  My curls lasted all day and I couldn't be happier with how my HerStyler products are making my morning routines super easy and my hair on point!  What curler or straightener will you be getting!?
*This post was sponsored by HerStyler via Shopping Links, however all words, statements, and opinions are my own.*

360 SpinStyler C/O HerstylerArgan Hair Serum- Modcloth Dress- Modcloth Shoes- Old Shirt- Zara Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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