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Monday, August 28, 2017

Wow, today I am entering my first day of college.  Things lately just seem so unreal.  It feels like it was just yesterday I walked out to my moms car on my first day of high school, and her reaction when she saw me was, "Your hair even looks tired!"
 Today is the first moment I have felt like an adult even though I am a year and a half into adulthood! I am not very good with change (especially when I am expecting the change to be super stressful- like college), so the past week and half I have been confronted with the ugly trouble of stress hives.  Literally covered head to toe in them! Such a trouble, and sure doesn't look pretty.  So I am drinking my Calm Chamomile tea and trying too enjoy things as they come, because as long as I face every change, difficulty, and stressful encounter with the armor of God I will conquer it with Him leading the way.  That is definitely easy to say and think, but definitely a lot harder to do and apply to our difficulties.  It is something I challenge each of you to do though.  Will you let Him lead you today, tomorrow, and forever?

Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me
Eshakti Dress- Primark Purse- White Keds

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