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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hello on this lovely Thursday to all my friends! If you remember a few months ago I shared a company with you called LeaflingBag, and if you don't- here it is! 
Ever since I received the purse way back when I have absolutely loved it.  I love that it is waterproof, still looks so fun, and is easy to carry around!  It came in handy while I was in Ireland with the drips of rain and beautiful flowers I picked (great for walks when you're picking anything from flowers to picking up acorns)!  
Well, because of how much I have loved my bag LeaflingBag and I are doing a giveaway today! The gift is the exact same bag I have here except a size larger for all your needs to holding your wallet to holding your flowers! 
This is a give away for people in the USA only, and will require an address that is not a PO Box.  This give away will be open for a week! Can't to find the winner!
*Enter at the bottom the post!*

*All words and opinions are my own.  I was not paid to say anything.*
Purse C/O LeaflingBag -ASOS Dress- Old Shoes- Zara Head Scarf
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  1. I would use this for picking wildflowers in the woods! �� Super cute and quirky bag, just my style!!

  2. Love your style, so classic and the bag is adorable as well! I have been following you on instagram for a while now and I love your look. Keep it up!!!

  3. A purse is what I would use it for! (Alanna f)

  4. I love these bags. I would use it as my daily purse and pretend I was an elf from LOTR. :)

  5. If I win I would love to take it to the beach and find seashells and Go shopping


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