Sharp As A Cactus

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hi to all my lovely ladies! 
It's been such an adventure last week and going into this new one! Last week in London was a dream come true.
 I wandered the streets day to day, hopping on and off the Underground, going in and out of British boutiques, and of course doing the touristy stuff like riding the London eye!  You can't see it in these, but the London Eye is actually right behind me in these! 
My mom said I was crazy, but I wore a dress or skirt everyday I was there, and will be doing so while in Ireland this week as well.  When you have a skirt as lovely and easy to wear as this- you can't help but where it. This lovely skirt is from Timely Attire Co.  Not only is the perfect length, the print is pretty sharp if I must say (my attempt at a cactus joke is pretty awful), but it has pockets as well!!! You will know by now if read this often that I have thing with pockets.  I wear a dress or skirt practically everyday, and so when I find one with a pocket I am tickled pink. This past spring and summer I have been on the look out for a white based skirt or dress that is NOT see through, and this skirt is just that! It's a white based skirt, with a cute print, has all the wonderful qualities a skirt should have, AND it isn't see through!  So happy!  Click on over to Timely Attire Co to see all the other lovely prints she has as well! It was fun seeing the streets of London in this skirt(:

*All words and opinions are my own*
Old shirt- Skirt c/o Timely Attire Co- Fossil Purse- Walmart Keds
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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