London Breeze

Monday, June 12, 2017

London let me know the moment I got there that it was a windy city by blowing my hair from one side to another, however that didn't stop me from pulling out this lovely skirt from DamselDesigned!
 Working with Nikki was wonderful.  Her shop speaks volumes of her talents.  This skirt fit perfect, the fabric was just as vibrant and beautiful as the pictures were, the sash made it stand out, AND she can put pockets into your skirts!  Anyways,  I love this skirt so much!  Be ready to see a Disney mix up of it in Ireland next week!  Hopefully the winds of Irish waters won't move my hair and skirt like Hyde Parks winds did! 
(high doubt it though...)
One of my fashion rules I haven't been able to break until now (that has recently been all the rage) is mixing patterns.  I was too worried of doing it the wrong way or looking silly, however the moment I got this skirt and I saw this top on ASOS I KNEW they were meant to be!  Any new fashion statements you're trying!? 

ASOS Top- Skirt C/O DamselDesigned- Modcloth Oxfords- Fossil Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me


  1. I LOVE the pattern mixing! Thanks for working with me!<3

    1. Thank you- It was my pleasure! You're such a joy to work with(:


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