Monday, May 1, 2017

THIS. IS. A. CRAZY. TIME. OF. YEAR!  I am beyond sorry for my lack of posts!  I am graduating this year, and with the amount of assignments, tests, graduations invites, organizing everything, musical, AND trying to maintain a social life and hanging with my family it has felt impossible to try to keep up!  Life has been so busy, but when I looked out the kitchen window one morning and saw the beautiful blossoms on the apple trees just outside my house I KNEW I had to take the time to snap a few pictures!  Blossoms are one of my favorite parts about this time of year.  As the chilly weather and snowfalls leave us the blossoms arrive and spring breezes rush against our skin.  The early morning sunrises, late night sunsets, and mid-day rain showers bless the trees, grass, and flowers with brighter colors and life that seem they will last a lifetime!  This time of year is just full of hope and promise.  What is your favorite part about spring?

H&M Dress- Steve Madden shoes- Fossil Purse- Red Clover Necklace
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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