Nettle Tea!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello to all my fellow tea drinkers!  I am THRILLED to bring a new tea to you today! When one of my favorite tea companies approached me a few weeks ago to sample one of their new tea's that supports female health, inflammation, and a few other things I was excited to share the tea with my readers.  I chose their tea called Nettle.  This tea has organic nettle leaves (duh!), peppermint, and vanilla.  It tastes SO yummy!  The vanilla and peppermint are a perfect combination for flavor and the benefits of the nettle is amazing! It helps and supports our bodies in a number of ways, but just a few would happen to joint inflammation!  I come from a family of pains. Feet pains, shoulder pains, back pains, and the list goes on.  That's why I chose this one, and it has been incredible! It is also known to have helped kidney function, AND all the phases of life for women! Whether it be that famous and painful time of the month, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and all the way through menopause!  I will continue to share this tea with you in the next couple of months and how it's helping me.  In the meantime click on over to The Republic of Tea and order yourself some Nettle Tea!

*All words and opinions my own*
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