Classy Polka Dots

Friday, March 10, 2017

Every girl needs a classy outfit even if it's just to go see a movie and have dinner.  What's ironic is that this isn't even my classy dress- it's my mom's!  I love going through her clothes when she cleans out her closet because there is always something I am bound to like.  This dress- in a way- makes me feel like a modern day flapper, and I think it's because of the fun twirl towards the bottom along with the attached drape like cape in the back.  I love it!  I only wish I could wear it more often, but that would then strongly contradict my taste for being comfortable, haha!   Polka Dots are something that in belief will never go out of style.  Since polka dots can be worn and styled so many different ways they can come off differently as well.  I think we can all agree that they are always fun though! Even though I styled my polka dots in a fun and classy way you don't have to.  So what word would you describe that you style your polka dots!? Hip? Chic? City modern? Country vintage? Do tell!

Dress from my mom's closet- DSW Shoes- Nine West Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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