Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Friday!  Last Friday I shared my new red tutu with you that Vintage Divinities gifted to me! I showed you how to dress it up with a fun velvet top and my sparkly heels, and today I am sharing with you a bit more of a dressed down look.  I have a serious problem when it comes to knowing when to dress up and down.  I always want to wear fun and frilly outfits, so even my dressed down looks could be toned down a bit more.  I prefer to wear a dress or skirt everyday, with a fun hairdo, and some fun oxfords, but that is not even close to practical- especially when my setting five days out of the week is high school. That shouldn't scare me from wearing what I want to wear and it shouldn't stop you.  People may give you a funny look while walking down the hall, if your grocery shopping in a 1950's dress, or even if you're just walking into your local coffee shop, BUT WHO CARES!...  I got this fun French top along with my new black bibs I shared yesterday at a GAP outlet store, and to say the least- I was very excited!... Anyways, what is more fun than a themed outfit (even when you get funny looks), and ESPECIALLY when the theme is PARIS!  Now of course a beret can be worn by anyone, but it certainly adds to my French look when paired with my sweater and Paris bag... And don't forget that if you want to get this skirt (or any other fabulous color) click on over to Vintage Divinities to get 35% off with the code: (TULLE35)! And what is your favorite theme for an outfit?! A certain era or place possibly?

Tutu C/O Vintage Divinities- GAP Sweater- Marshalls Shoes and Bag- ASOS Beret-
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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