Tea For The Weekend: The Greyer The Earl The Better

Saturday, February 11, 2017

My favorite tea is typically any kind of Earl Grey or Lady Grey, and so it makes sense that I drink one of my absolute favorites leading up to Valentine's Day!  Today I am introducing you to a tea from The Republic of Tea called Earl Greyer.  I go in spurts of drinking one tea, and here lately I have been drinking this tea EVERY morning (and at lunch sometimes... and... maybe... in the evening... only sometimes... or maybe a lot)!  It's so yummy! It has a bit of a different and more tasty flavor than any other Earl Grey I have had before.  It literally goes with anything! Some fruity or chocolate ice cream, yummy cookies or scones, or even after a full course meal to tame your tummy! If you are to try any new tea I definitely recommend this one! Have a lovely tea sipping Saturday! 

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