Modest Is Hottest

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hi everyone! Back from my little break! I traveled to see my brother and my boyfriend this past weekend.  I decided to take the weekend and Monday off, so here I am back and on track!
"Moddest Is Hottest"- said my boyfriend. 
And it is so true! I have said it before, and I will say it again.  There are so many alternatives to the revealing and inappropriate clothing thrown at women in today's age.  It is rare I find more than a few appropriate things when I go to store anymore.  Two out fifteen items will be suitable from Forever 21, the dresses in the junior section at marshalls are short enough to be a shirt (enough said), and the shorts at ANY store have almost enough fabric to make gloves.  
I hear the complaint from Christian women all the time asking how we are supposed to find clothing that is not only please God, but CUTE also!... Let's just get it out of the way- IT IS POSSIBLE!!! 
Looking through the women's rack at the store are key! Sure there will be some big "no"s if you're a youngster like me, but there will be a lot more "yes"s as well!  
Another answer is online shopping.  Even on store you may usually have a lot of "no"s you may have more luck on their online store, because of more variety!  I also LOVE Etsy (I will have a post soon with all my favorite Etsy Shops!)!  And when you're willing to splurge more I recommend Modcloth.  Look back here soon to a guide to my favorite modest shops!
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Old Dress- Old Tights- Fossil Bag- Marshalls Boots
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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