Hepburn Vibes

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey there to all my lovely readers on this fine Monday morning! I really try to dress appropriate for the season- especially for everything I put on the blog, however it can be VERY difficult when the weather tempts me with 70 degree weather!  So here I am wearing some cute flats, pastels, and facing nature with no jacket!  I love the Audrey Hepburn vibes I am channeling through this as well!  For any of you that live in Ohio you know very well that it can 20 degrees and snowing in the morning and then be 50 degrees and sunny in the afternoon! It has been incredibly nice this past week though so be prepared for some fun coatless outfit posts coming this week! As it's getting warmer I am getting more and more excited for spring and summer! AND this week my favorite blogger took a small trip to some beach caves and took some pictures and, oh man, could I be any more anxious for some consistent warm weather than I am now.  What is your favorite season?!

Marshalls Top- Forever 21 Skirt- Fossil Purse- J. Crew Shoes- Fossil Watch
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

Give The Twirl a Whirl

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fashions come and go.  Sometimes they come and go just for our personal style while they stay in the mainstream.  And sometimes they come and go- never to be seen for a good thirty years.  I think tutus in away fit into the "come and go" category, but not in the way you think.  Many of us danced around in them when we were just wee ones.  We were learning ballet etiquette simply because the pink tulle attracted our eyes. So there they came and went, BUT here they come again!  Tutu's have made a grand entrance into the closets of plenty of adult women, and we owe a special thanks to one of the fine shops that brings them to us!  Vintage Divinities sent me this LOVELY tulle skirt!  Not only is it lined, feels fabulous, and is made out of great quality, but it is finished off at the top with a beautiful satin waist band and fastened in the back with a stunning crystal button!  This skirt can be dressed up like this or even dressed down (I'll be sharing a casual look with you next week featuring the skirt)! Since it had so far to travel from California to Ohio the shipping made the tulle wrinkle, however I simply hung it up in the bathroom when I got my shower and the steam laid them all out!  If you're looking for a tutu (which why wouldn't you be- duh!;P) not only is Vintage Divinities the perfect place to get it but it's the perfect time as well!  They have a sale going on now through March 5th! Simply use the code TULLE35 to get 35% off!  And for ONE WEEK ONLY you can get this red skirt for $35 with the code "REDLOVE"!  What color will you be after?!   

*All words and opinions are my own*
Tutu C/O Vintage Divinities- Velvet Top From Marshalls- ASOS Heels ON SALE- Fossil Watch- Fossil Purse

Style Icon: Those Vintage Ladies

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sometimes I catch myself scrolling through Pinterest drooling over all the past fashions I wish I could get my hands on!  I love anything from the flappers gowns, to the midi skirts, to the 50's mother flare dresses, to the boater hats!  LOVE. IT. ALL! AND of course I don't know the names of them all, so I figured I would share some favorites from my Pinterest board, Vintage Ladies.  And when I want to do this in real life I simply take a stroll through my favorite antique store!  I LOVE seeing all the little trinkets, collecting the embroidered hankys, and feeling the delicate fabric of the old dresses worn by women a hundred years ago!  It's like feeling a story instead of it being told.  It's truly beautiful.  What is your all time favorite era?  Favorite vintage trend? And why and why?

Well, Hello There!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Well, hello there everyone!  I am so sorry my posts have been a bt scattered these past few weeks!  Things have been so crazy!  My dad (photographer) and my brother were out of town for almost a month, so we stocked up on pictures before they left, however they ended up being longer than planned.  SO I was trying to make them last longer when I started doing my Style Icon posts, and then when they got back I got sick!  These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but hopefully I will start feeling better so I can get out and get some pictures!  It is finally started to hit the 60's at a steady rate where I live, and I am beyond ready to soak in the warmth! I am ready for picnics, sunny skies, and outdoor adventures!  What about you?  What do you love most about warm weather?

Dress and Sweater form Old Navy- Converse- Fossil Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

Dalmatians and Trains

Thursday, February 16, 2017

That special moment when you feel like Cruella De Vil could be after you!  I mean who doesn't love a sweet little dalmatian puppy (especially when it's in a Disney movie!)!...  As I strolled through Forever 21 a few weeks ago and searched through the racks I came across this lovely combination of the dalmatian top and skirt!  An important thing to do when you're shopping and you find something you like is you HAVE to think, "Would this go with at least three other things I ALREADY own?" Now of course we can have an occasional statement piece that may not be the most practical, but purchasing things that can be worn several different ways with several different things is not only a healthy thing for your wallet, but also a great thing for your creativity!  In fact I have outfit ideas brewing in mind constantly, and I can already NOT wait to share with you all my other outfit ideas including these pieces!  Next time you're out and about shopping really think of the piece you want to get and how it can work into your closet! Have a lovely day!

Skirt and Top from Forever 21- Marshall Shoes- Fossil Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me
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