Tea For The Weekend: Jasmine Tea

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hey everyone!  
Today's tea is a DELICIOUS tea that I got for Christmas from my boyfriend's family! I've had jasmine teas before, but this one is by far my favorite!  The bag is almost all gone!   My mom and I have been having a pot a couple times a day since I got it! It isn't SUPER strong, but I love it like that.  Ir is strong enough and yet isn't too mild, and so you can taste the flavor perfectly without being overwhelmed or not being able to taste anything.  Like I said it's PERFECT! I probably consumed gallons of it while I was sick last week, haha! 
Now don't get me started on this tea set!  I found the tea set at Marshalls, and I just HAD to get it!  It's by Grace's Teaware.  Every Christmas I get my mom something tea related.  About a week or two leading up to it I had a teapot, but I wanted to find a tray or some teacups.  I wasn't having any luck though!  So at a favorite antique store of mine my boyfriend and I walked through every aisle and we finally came about this tray!  It was covered with vintage perfume bottles, but I knew it was perfect!  My mom had seen one quite similar and liked it.  The fact that this was a real antique though, made it so much better!  So now here it is sitting in our home quite often carting our tea on it!
Off to enjoy my tea now!

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