Tea For The Weekend: Is Bad Tea A Thing?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I have ALWAYS said that there is no such thing... Well, this past week I was introduced to the first cup I wasn't wild about.  It was a tea called Passion by TAZO.  I was anxious to try the rose and fruity tea flavors that it described.  Then when I brewed it I was even more excited, and even surprised, to see the GORGEOUS red color it gave off!...  Well, I poured the beautiful beverage into my delicate teacup, touched my lips to the glass, closed my eyes, and boom! It was SO much more potent than I thought it would be.  Does that make it a bad tea? OF COURSE NOT!  Everyone has their own style, and so why can't everyone have their own cup?  I added some sugar to it, and it helped a very little bit.  I am going to try it again, but steep it for a much shorter amount of time than it called for.  So I will be sure to let you know it tastes any better.  If you like a strong cup of floral tea I definitely recommend it!  
Have a lovely tea sipping Saturday! 

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