Space Buns?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Question.  Why are they called Space Buns?... Well, I figured it was because they are up high on your head, BUT my boyfriend, Andrew, was trying to convince me they are named after Princess Lea... I am sorry to all my Star Wars fans out there, but I am not into that stuff.  I am a Potterhead all the way (who are all my fellow Gryphondor roomies out there!?)!  If any of you know where it ACTUALLY originates from please don't hesitate from sharing with me.  
On the flip side of these outfit my brother scored again with another brilliant Christmas present!  I shared with you ladies last week the black and white polka dot dress he got me, and today I share with you this COZY boho print dress he got me from Old Navy!  When I say cozy I mean SUPER COZY!  I love it when I not only have a cute dress to wear, but it's cozy too.  So this is a fashion score! Thank you to my brother!... Oh! And it's floral! Eeeek! 
Have a lovely day to my potterheads, Star Wars fans, and everyone in between!

Different dress with same printVelvet Leggings- Marshalls Shoes- Fossil Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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  1. I've never heard of the term space buns, I always call them odangos (from Sailormoon).
    Sorry Gryffindor, this means war!! ^__^ Sincerely, a Slytherin.


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