Remix: A Favorite Gray Skirt

Friday, January 6, 2017

Good morning to all my lovely daisies out there reading!  Today I am super excited to highlight a certain piece in my wardrobe that I have found tremendous use out of!  I was looking through the clearance rack at Old Navy this past summer, and I found a shirt to try on,  BUT I was wearing a dress so naturally I wanted to pick up a pair of bottoms to try the shirt on with.  Not even joking, I saw the side of the skirt in the section of my size, and then took it back to the dressing room without even looking at the skirt till I tried it on with the top! AND. I. LOVED. IT!... Well, I looked at the price tag and fell even more in love this skirt!  It was around sixty dollars, BUT I GOT IT FOR SEVEN DOLLARS! I COULD HAVE PEED MY PANTS (or skirt if you want to be technical)!  
I love this skirt for many reasons!
1) The adorable buttons aren't just there for fashion, but they close a DEEP POCKET!... Yes, you read it right. DEEP POCKET!  
2) I love that the color is so versatile and that I can wear this skirt with so much!
3) I may have mentioned my love for Nancy Drew before, but I when I tried this skirt on I felt like her! It has a lovely pinch of vintage that I just thrive off though! 
This skirt proves you don't have to spend a fortune on a staple piece.  I put no shame on paying for quality clothing though! Sometimes I splurge as well, but there is never any hurt in taking a look in clearance at your favorite store or even going to Marshalls or any other store like that! (LOVE IT THERE!)  Do you have a certain staple piece that you find yourself returning to time and time again?!

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