La La Land

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I am no singer... Believe me!  However I have such a passion for theater!  I love acting in plays, choreography the musicals, and I try to get by with my limited vocals with only having to sing one solo per musical performance, haha!  I love how raw and alive it can be whether I am in the audience or on the stage.  I can't even imagine acting in front of a camera (thank goodness for those that do though!), because I love feeding off the energy of the audience.  Well, when an ad for La La Land popped up on my Instagram feed I fell in love with it! (NO SPOILERS! I PROMISE!)  So about a week ago I got to go see it with my boyfriend, Andrew, and his two siblings.  Let me just say that I fell in love from the very first note in the beginning! In a way it reminded me of The Great Gatsby in the way that TGG was set in the 1920's, but it had such a modern flare to it with the colors, music, and even the clothing in a way.  Then with LLL it was set in the modern day age, but it had incredible vintage vibes with the wardrobe choices, what it was filmed in, and the decor.  So LLL was just flipped compared to TGG.  Anyways, it has been by far the best musical film I have seen!  I am actually going to go see it with my mom this week!... Oh, and I can't skip over the fact that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were paired

Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by me

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