Jumping In My Jumper

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jumping into the hope of spring like weather in my jumper I wore for Christmas!  Ohio weather is truly a trickster at heart.  One hour it's sunny, warm, and in the 50's, and the next it's cold, dreary, and snowy.  Yup!  That's Ohio for you.  Well, in those few and very rare moments we get in January of warmth I have to take advantage of it.  So I here I give you a fun way I have styled my dress I wear to my Christmas parties.  I backed off with the color by wearing the greys with the purple velvet, but then added a few splashes of red.  All at the same time I also dressed it down with the sweater and boots... Let's face it... Any time I get a chance to wear my new rainboots I am completely take advantage of the situation!  This dress is a new favorite and total keeper though.  It's a very versatile dress that I am looking forward to mix it up with some pinks inspired from my mood board this spring! 
What is a certain style or piece you are looking forward to having in your spring style this year!?

Sold Out Modcloth Jumper- Old sweater and tights- Hunter Boots
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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