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Monday, December 12, 2016

Isn't funny how Thursday evening as I wrote my post for Friday I was complaining about no snow, and then I wake up Friday with a Winter Wonderland view!  THEN as I was taking pictures in it I was biting my tongue from saying how cold I was, because I felt like I had brought it upon myself, lol!! Anyways!!!... Oh.  My.  Gosh... I found it! The dress that's comfy, can be frilly and fancy, the one that can be worn for a grocery run, the one that makes you feel like a million bucks, I FOUND IT!  I came across this LOVELY shop on Etsy called Amordress that I had never heard of, but I fell in love with her endless amount of ladylike styles that just called my name.  SO I reached out and asked if she was interested in a collaboration... About a month later my wonderful camera print dress was on my doorstep, and then within a few minutes it was on and there was no turning back!  I am ready to order some more!  She has several lovely styles, but I just LOVE the cute little bow on the top I think I'll have to get another in this style called "LOVE POTION."  Possibly a mustard yellow or tea print?!?! It is a PERFECT FIT TOO!!! I canNOT explain to you guys how happy I am! I JUST WANT TO USE ALL CAPITALS (but I won't;P)!!!!!!!  All of her clothes are handmade as well which adds that personal touch and a little bit of love!  She is offering a discount to her shop of 10% off with no expiration date with the code: AmordresswithCori. If you get a dress from her shop show me your unique way styling it by tagging me (@confindenceismysuperpower) on Instagram to your picture! Have a lovely day!

*All words and opinions are my own*
Dress c/o Amordress- Old Hollister Cardigan- White Tights- Sold Out Modcloth Oxfords- Velvet Bow from Forever 21
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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