The Librarian With A Heart For Van Gogh

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hey everyone!  Wow, I am so sorry my post's have been kind of sporadic this past week!  Between Christmas, every last minute thing, and then getting Strep Throat it has been very difficult to keep up with everything!  It's been a great week though.  My entire family was/is home, we've had so much quality time together, and even though I'm sick I have treasured every moment... LUCKILY I knew this was going to be a busy time (little did I know I was going to get sick though) we took a few different outfit pictures last week for this week!  So let's get onto the outfit!  I wanted to  throw something together that I could wear as I faced the cold with warm legs, had a put together look, and vintage flare!  You should know by now that my oxfords are my favorite shoes and they never fail in adding some vintage to an outfit!  I loved pairing my pink oxford shirt with it as well!  It added some feminism to it while upholding the "librarian" look I wanted.  What are you wearing as the temperatures drop!?
Even though I look like a librarian, I am an artist at heart!  Van Gogh is my absolute favorite.  I have learned about, read about, seen others art, and I STILL refuse to budge.  My heart loves the colors, the textures, and the story behind the art!  If you like art- do you have a favorite artist!?

Old Shirt and Sweater from Hollister- Levi's Jeans- Modcloth Oxfords- Old Fossil Purse
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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