Tea For The Weekend: Caramel Truffle

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Good morning and happy Saturday! Today I am drinking a REALLY good tea from TEAVANA that you all NEED to try!  It is definitely a dessert tea, but, hey! I'm a girl and don't care if its morning!
I found this lovely poem about tea that I want to share with you!  Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of the author though... 

The Christmas season's hectic, 
But it wasn't meant to be 
So take some time to savour 
a little cuppa tea 

On angel wings 
there's a wish for you 
of comfort,peace 
and kindness too 

My gift can hang upon your tree 
Some time for you and God from me.

I thought this a was a lovely poem, and I hope you do too! Have a lovely day!

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