Snow Balls and Polar Bears

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

As you know this time of year can be very busy... Hence the reason I missed Monday's usual post.  Whoops!... Now that we are past that can we get onto this glorious snow and the fact that I felt like Lucy from Narnia as I explored the forest!?  I KNEW that I wanted some pictures when it was ACTUALLY snowing so we loaded up our gear and explored the towering snow hugged trees and paths showered in the perfect snow meant for snowball fights and snowmen! 
Cold? Yes, so naturally sweater weather instincts kicked in and I tossed on this lovely old gem.  A while back I introduced to you the bibs from ASOS, and today I bring to you something similar- a collar!  It's a collar you can add to any shirt! I will admit though it can be hard to style it sometimes, because some shirts don't come up high enough on the neck to look legit (like this sweater, lol! But hey, good enough, right?!).    I love the beading and beautiful color though, and I especially like how it pairs with my cream polar bear sweater!  What are you styling this winter on your cold and snowy days!?   

Old coat and sweater from Hollister- JeansConverseSimilar Collar
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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