A Velvety Christmas

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time truly flies by so fast!  It feels like it was just yesterday I sat down and wrote my first blog post, and here we are four months into it and just a few weeks away from Christmas! Anyone that knows me knows I love Christmas.  I listen to and sing Christmas music ALL year long, and some how it is still just as special when it is actually time for it!  My boyfriend even got me a Christmas record for me for my June birthday and I have been listening to it since!  Call me crazy if you like- I just can't help myself.  Despite the fact I am not a fan of the cold weather I still love the fun fashions! The fun sweaters, the cozy flannel pjs, fuzzy snowmen socks, colorful coats and tights, and I am fond of the challenge of sprucing up the dark winter colors with fun accessories.  I also love and appreciate more and more each year all the wonderful and precious family time.  It's the small things like eating breakfast with my brother and my mom and dad in the morning on Christmas morning and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, having my other brothers family join us in the afternoon and spending the day together, Christmas parties, seeing everyone in your family more often, making cookies, and so many other things!   What things about Christmas do you love and appreciate?

Velvet shirt from Marshalls- Sold out shirt from Loft- Velvet leggings from Old Navy- Velvet shoes from ASOS- Vintage bag
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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  1. My Favorite things to do for Christmas is drink hot chocolate and be with Family!


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