Think Orange, Speak Kind

Monday, November 7, 2016

Good morning!  I am not one who leans toward the color orange, but when I ordered these red tights out of pure excitement to put them on they ended up being a bright orange.  I was a little disappointed, but I am learning to love them, especially if I get to match the beautiful fall leaves!  Plus, it is a very happy color so why not! So think orange, think happy!

And when I say speak kind, I mean SPEAK KIND!  I cannot tell you the amount of negative words I hear everyday about other people- people who aren't even present to defend themselves!  It hurts to hear the words ugly, gross, stupid, and so many other words about others I can't imagine them being spoken about me.  Can you?  What good does it for anyone to speak negatively about others? Absolutely nothing!  Gossip can be so easy to get caught up in whether it be out with your friends, a text message, social media, your workplace, or even a class at school.  I urge you all to stand up against the negative words and gossip, and Speak Kind words, while thinking Thinking Orange/Happy!

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