Teeth Chattering Kind of Days

Friday, November 25, 2016

Good Morning!  With the teeth chattering cold kind of days upon us you have to take advantage of the warmer days you get- hence the bare legs.  Although when these pictures were taken it was rather cold.  Only because it was early morning though.  I was at school and in my first period art class one of my friends and I decided to take some blog pictures!  So I let my legs face the brisk morning wind without any tights, yikes!  I hope you enjoy this day inside with a cup of tea or hot cocoa with family or a holiday hallmark movie on whether you're under a cozy blanket or just settling down from a night full of shopping!  

Sold Out Sweater from Urban Outfitters- Old Skirt- Vintage Pin from grandma- Old shoes
Pictures by Jordan Liz Photography

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