My Purple and Pastel Autumn

Friday, November 4, 2016

Sometimes you have to throw seasonal rules to the wind and wear what you want to wear!  As you can see I am wearing some very springy and summery colors, but my black tights and shoes set it off (kinda;P).  I couldn't help but wear this pastel purple skirt with my sweater, and then as I was searching for a purse I pulled out one of my summer favorites!  When it's something you love don't let the media and society tell you that your sundress doesn't match your PSL.

I think we let the media and society have too much power over our decisions WAY TOO much!  And I think this small little thing is a way you break the wave against their silly rules.  On a funnier note- every time I want to wear something out of season I always think of a certain post my favorite blogger has!  It is called Six Signs You're A Bad Blogger! It always gives me a little chuckle! Have a lovely day! Similar Skirt

Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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