My Guntina Dress

Monday, November 14, 2016

Autumn is quickly zooming by, and the temperatures are getting colder and colder (no worries, I'll keep my weather complaints to a minimum).  I am trying to enjoy every bit of it, while embracing the last moments of fall fashion which is where my vintage inspired copper colored dress comes into play!  It was a gift from Guntina!  It is a lovely store on Etsy that makes all their clothing!  They even design and print all of their clothing!  It was so difficult to choose a piece, because they have SOOO many options, and they are all so beautiful!... It is great quality, lined, warm, and came with a precious bow belt!

Don't let this time fly by without pausing to be thankful.  With the busy bee buzz that flies around it can be quite busy to take time for yourself and others.  It's the time of year to sit around the table, chit chat, give to others, and voice your appreciation.  And don't forget to go check out Guntina!  She has some lovely collections and you need to make any one of her pieces an everyday piece you go to weekly or that very special one need for a certain occasion! 

C/O Guntina Dress- Old Dress- Old Shoes- Beret- Necklace passed down from my grandma- Pin passed down from my other grandma
Pictures by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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