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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Good morning to all my lovely readers! I hope you're enjoying this fine day so far!  Well, today I would like to share a little tid-bit with you.  Sometimes we don't truly appreciate or treasure something until it's gone.  I am the youngest out of my siblings.  I have two older brothers.  My oldest got married and moved out about eight years ago.  So for the past eight years it's just been my other brother and I.  I have always loved and appreciated them, but for any of you that have a brother you know how annoying they can be.  Well sure they have annoyed me, but we've always been close.  So when my brother said he was going to pursue his athletic/cross fit dream and move two hours away about a month ago I was devastated.  It didn't truly hit me until this past weekend when we moved him though.  I no longer share a bathroom with him where I can hog all the space and he is only left with a little corner on the counter, I can no longer look down the hall and see his messy bedroom with a panting annoying dog in it, or park annoyingly farther away from the front door because he got a better parking spot than I did since he's older.  I realize I will still see him and be with him, but it will certainly be different being the only one left with our mom and dad.  So as much as someone or something can annoy you, drive you crazy, or whatever it may be, don't let the time slip away because once they are gone you will wish they were still there.

Have a good day!

Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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