Autumn is ACTUALLY here!... Maybe

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Autumn... The year's last, loveliest smile."- William Cullen Bryant
It truly is! I couldn't have said it any better, because as lovely as I think the snow is, it is nothing compared to the dancing leaves of autumn.  I love getting to wear fun coats and warm tights, but despite that- I HATE being cold!!!! I do NOT like being cold.  So enjoy this year's last, loveliest smile.   It's that time in autumn when it's SUPER cold in the morning, like I'm talking ICEY car windows, but then it's in the high sixties in the middle of the day!  I love this time of year, but getting into a cold car in the morning and having to wear jackets that don't "go" with the outfit I want to wear can be frustrating.  This dress for example *cough cough cough*.  I LOVE the sleeves, but it's so hard to make it work with a coat in the mornings.  I HAVE to stop complaining though, because two months ago I was complaining about the heat! I am crazy! I really hope I'm not the only one like that. Sometimes I just let time slip by.  I soon realize that what I have looked forward to for so many things it quickly becomes a part of my past.  I think I tend to realize that when I move into a new season or am arriving the middle of a season, because I realize it feels like it was just summer!  I urge you all to not live for the next "big" thing, but rather enjoy the small things in out everyday lives that God has blessed us all with. 

Photos by Mike Hicks- Edited by Me

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